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D-shaped hardware buckle anti-wear protection ring transparent winding winding bag metal ring protection coil ring buckle

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This product can effectively prevent the mutual wear between D-shaped buckles and contact metal buckles.Sharp tool for protecting hardware buckles.The newly added super soft coil has high softness. It can reduce the pressure on the metal ring after coiling it, which can effectively alleviate the indentation problem that some customers are worried about. Open, you can choose according to your needs.At present, the high-definition and high-elasticity coils that are commonly used in the market have high transparency, good elasticity and easy winding, and the effect is good.One side of the two metal buckles that are in contact with each other is wrapped in a circle, which can both play an anti-wear effect!For most bags, you can choose the commonly used thin coils, and the thicker hardware buckles only need thicker coils.